Welcome to Miami
Miami, Florida has been the playground of the rich and famous since the 1950s, boasting picture perfect weather year round, an unparalleled nightlife, and a bustling downtown. Considered the capital of the Americas, people from across the world flock to Miami to enjoy its cuisine, arts, and rich history. A dynamic and vibrant city, Miami's vast neighborhoods range from million dollar mansions to humble housing. People from all walks of life and income brackets call this city home and enjoy its ever expanding international commerce and elite sports teams.

With miles of idyllic beaches and trendy resorts, Miami and South Beach are known the world over as one of the top tropical destinations. But there is more to Miami than what you'll find on a travel site. The city is truly a cultural melting pot with a uniquely diverse demographic. From the sabor of Calle Ocho and the highly caffeinated energy of Little Havana to the historic hideaways of Coral Gables and the pristine skyscrapers of Brickell, Miami is a city unlike any other. It is a major center, and a leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, sports, the arts, and international trade.

Professional sports is a staple in Miami with a long history of championship teams, world-class sporting venues, and golf courses. Sports isn't simply entertainment in Miami, it is part of the community's culture.
Miami and its outlying areas offer several exceptional institutes of higher learning. From the prestigious University of Miami in Coral Gables to numerous campuses of Miami-Dade College, there is no lack of options for any career track.

South Beach Immortalized by movies, TV shows, and one that’s been both, South Beach is Miami’s scene-stealing sultry star. With its reputation as a Floridian Vegas, SoBe’s short shorts, high heels, and chiseled abs never slow down. When it comes to sunning, shopping, dining, and dancing until tomorrow morning, prepare to indulge. No matter how many senses you have, South Beach stimulates them all. Sleep? You can do that on the plane.

Wynwood Re-imagining Miami’s character with industrial-sized paint rollers rather than dainty strokes of color, Wynwood is a neighborhood whose brash creativity brushes every surface and covers its countless cafés, restaurants, and bars. A diverse community near Downtown Miami, Wynwood is a palette of high fashion boutiques, premium galleries, artistic insurrection, Little San Juan’s Caribbean influence, untamed evening pursuits, and inventive cuisine. Once you’re in Wynwood, just roll with it, baby.

Brickell Young professionals dress to impress in Brickell, Downtown's ambitious sibling. As Miami's "Manhattan of the South," Brickell takes fiscal business to new heights. Towering financial centers, luxury condo complexes, and elevated metrorails shade the neighborhood's favorite cafes and clubs along Miami Avenue. Despite its no-nonsense reputation as a reputable business hub, Brickell still boasts Miami's best attributes—endless sunshine and laid-back attitudes.

Little Havana Just west of Downtown lies Miami’s Cuban capital, Little Havana. Almost exclusively Hispanic, this zealously colorful neighborhood's streets criss-cross an area where music sounds livelier, food tastes zestier, and the air seems to embrace visitors with a don't-worry-about-a-thing warmth. Don a guayabera, order a plate of ropa vieja, and grab a cafecito on a patio filled with domino-playing locals. ¡Bienvenidos a Little Havana!

Coral Gables Young professionals, fine diners, and sunburned tourists stroll Coral Gables' specialty shops and eateries both frivolous and fancy in this southeastern Miami neighborhood. The popular Village of Merrick Park offers an unparalleled mall experience and local happy hours that pour half-price martinis when the clock strikes five. Whether boutique-bopping, gallery-hopping, or jalapeño-popping, it's easy to enjoy the upscale Latin flavor of "The Gables."